Story Genius - Lisa Cron

One of my four favourite fiction writing books.

Dominic Cooney
July 11, 2019

Story Genius

Books about writing? You can spend your time reading them and never, you know, actually write. So I'm on as strict diet for these things. Story Genius' exercises actually got me writing. There's some theory and structure behind it, but it's not one of those "formula" books.

Cron says cognitive . . .

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Hello, World. Again.

I blog again after a decade+ break.

Dominic Cooney
July 11, 2019

Books Whoosh, that went by fast. A lot happened since 2009.

Let's start with my bookshelf. I cleaned out a lot of old books. It will be fun to write a bit about the ones I hung on to. Sober blog rants will no doubt follow.

My old blog still exists inside the Wayback Machine—here's a random snapshot of it.

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