Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dominic Cooney
January 03, 2021

This is based on the “Pittsburgh” cookie in Bayesian Optimization for a Better Dessert with even less sugar and other tweaks. That is an industrial recipe, so this version works well if you dump everything in a bowl and mix. It is a good recipe to make with kids.

Skeptical about the chilli? Divide your dough and make some . . .

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Useless Stuff

How to have less of it

Dominic Cooney
June 20, 2020

You have too much useless stuff.

Get rid of it.

Marie Kondo's method can manipulate your emotions to help you throw things out. First, you have to pile all your clothes on the bed. Put all you books on the floor. That sort of thing. How much stuff you have will disgust you. Second, you have to "wake up" your . . .

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Hello, World. Again.

I blog again after a decade+ break.

Dominic Cooney
July 11, 2019

Books Whoosh, that went by fast. A lot happened since 2009.

Let's start with my bookshelf. I cleaned out a lot of old books. It will be fun to write a bit about the ones I hung on to. Sober blog rants will no doubt follow.

My old blog still exists inside the Wayback Machine—here's a random snapshot of it.

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